Organisation Management Software System

Institutes will be able to enhance their organisation management aspects by using our cloud-based Organisation Management Software System, which is synchronised with related systems.


Your Institute will receive the effective cloud-based Organisation Management Software System, which has been specially developed to be synchronised with the University Academic Administration and Management Systems and Organisation Management Quality Framework.

Functionalities of Organisation Management Software

The following features will be made available in your Organisation Management Software System:

  • An efficient cloud-based system that enables productive accessibility
  • Can be implemented conveniently within the organisation and business processes of your institute
  • Effective accounting, finance, and other related solutions
  • Highly customisable software platform.

Managing any academic institute is a required criteria for success and CCJP-ES aims to provide high quality standards, expert guidance, knowledge, as well as the above-mentioned services in order to ensure that your institute’s organisation management mechanism is at an improved level. In addition to increasing the quality of your academic infrastructure, this will provide beneficial results to your institute’s future.