Management Quality Framework

Your institute will receive a world-class Organisation Management Quality Framework by partnering with CCJP-ES and this quality framework will be accepted by any academic or professional body in the world.


CCJP-ES provides a vast number of benefits and services to your academic institute and these include our class Organisation Management Quality Framework. This particular framework can be described as a Management Quality Framework that is compatible with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Accordingly, our Organisation Management Quality Framework is compatible on a global scale and will help your institute to be accepted by academic as well as professional organisations around the world.

Components of Organisation Management Framework

Your Institute will be provided with the following components to proficiently drive forward your entire academic operation:

  • Entire Management Quality Framework Documentation.
  • Expert and versatile knowledge and guidance until full implementation. 
  • Continuous Guidance and Auditing Services. 

Managing any academic institute is a required criteria for success and CCJP-ES aims to provide high quality standards, expert guidance, knowledge, as well as the above-mentioned services in order to ensure that your institute’s organisation management mechanism is at an improved level. In addition to increasing the quality of your academic infrastructure, this will provide beneficial results to your institute’s future.