Academic Council

Your institute will receive the glamour and productive convenience of possessing a world-class as well as proven Academic Council to govern the academic infrastructure of your institute.


Your academic institute will benefit immensely from the integration of a reputed and well-qualified Academic Council due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, CCJP-ES will ensure that your institute receives an Academic Council that has been well-established and formed of experienced, highly qualified, and suitable professionals, including senior lecturers and industry experts.

Duties and Responsibilities

The chief duties and responsibilities handled by the Academic Council is governing and monitoring the performance and development of the academic infrastructure and related aspects of your institute. Valuable and proven guidance and support will be provided by the distinguished members of the Academic Council and this will assist every component of your institute.

Further Benefits and Services

By partnering with CCJP-ES, your institute will not only receive a prestigious Academic Council but also the other associated services and facilities that CCJP-ES is capable of providing in a highly efficient manner. These include proficient Academic Quality Frameworks, Management guidance, and a number of solutions that will improve your institute’s success.