About Us


Prof. Dr. Sir Lakshman Madurasinghe

MA., MSs(Psy-Brighton)., Ph.D ( Psy)., D.Sc., DBA (TUA-USA)., FTBCCT (Lond)., Attorney-at-Law, K.St.J; KGC OMR

Secretary General – Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals
Grand Chancellor – E M H Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem
Senior International Governor – AUGP USA
Chairman – Spinnaker International (SL, UK and USA)
Academic Board Member – EDU Brussels accredited to European Parliament

In a world that is rapidly developing by leaps and bounds, individuals every day seek to use technology in order to complete their tasks more efficiently, and in turn, to achieve their goals within a limited time frame.

We, at the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals International, take pride in introducing innovative programs to the world in modern fields of development such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology and so on to bring forth competent individuals with an all round specialized training in cutting- edge technology.

These individuals will be accomplished in bringing about change by challenging the conventional methods that problems are solved using the latest technology and will also be able to fulfill the demands of their country by being resource persons in the field of technology.

The Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals also hopes to open greater opportunities for the youth to receive technological education and gainful employment by providing Education Services to institutions around the world in order to provide the necessary support and guidance required to gain recognition through academic quality excellence.

Dame Dr. Aspasia Peppa

DBA, M.Ed., BBA, DipPR

Director of Professional Affairs – Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals
Educationist/ Life Coach/ Career Coach/ Counselor

Since its inception in 2009, the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals has been playing a pivotal role in extending professional guidance and support to institutions worldwide in setting up curricula we have designed and approved.

Today’s world offers many technological challenges and to cater to the growing needs of the industry, we are happy to have been able to certify a large number of qualified, competent professionals who are lucratively employed in leading companies worldwide.

Our qualifications have been accepted by numerous professional bodies and Universities thus paving the way for higher studies.

As a Chamber, our role is also to a regulatory role to ensure strict compliance with the international standards set.

Our best wishes to all who pursue our certified courses worldwide. 

The Academic Council

Prof. Dr. Sir Lakshman Madurasinghe
MA., Ms(Psy-Brighton)., Ph.D ( Psy)., D.Sc., DBA (TUA-USA)., FTBCCT (Lond)., Attorney-at-Law, K.St.J; KGC OMR

Secretary General

Dame Dr. Aspasia Peppa
DBA, M.Ed., BBA, DipPR

Director – Professional Affairs

Dr. Sir Roland Yakoubov

Council Member

Prof. Dr. Sir Cees Torre
PhD., FCh.JP

Council Member

Dr. Thomas Gujarat
BA., MA., Cambridge University., PhD Michigan

Council Member

Dr. Sadiq Mohd Jaffer
BA., MSc., PhD (University of Paris)

Council Member

Dr. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe
OLS, KStI, KGCOMR, K.St.J., Ph.D.(Psy.), Dh.C.(Florida), B.Sc.(USA), FRSPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Grad.Dip.Ed.(London), MBCS(UK), M.Inst.Psy, H.I.Dip.(Compl. Therapies), Dip.Human Rights (SL)

Council Member

Dr. Med Christian Jost

Council Member

Dr. Theresa Mishler

Council Member

Prof. Ken Rabac

Council Member

Dr. Janaka Edirisinghe PhD (USA)

Council Member

Prof. Riyas Lebbe
PhD (SL)

Council Member

Dr. Heather Wardell-Johnson
PhD (Australia)

Council Member

Dr. Rudolf Nikolic
PhD (Serbia)

Council Member

Dr. Maria Nani
PhD (London)

Council Member

Dr. Carlos Garcia
PhD (El Salvador)

Council Member

Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovic-Markovic
MSc, PhD (Serbia)

Council Member

Dr. Shree Purohith

Dr. Josh Kallimel

Dr. Hiran Sarkar

Dr. Radhakrishnan

Dr. Chadwick Mohan

Dr. Thungdemo Lotha

Prof. Tiago Fleming Outeiro