About CCJP Education Services

CCJP Education Services is an entity of the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals International, established to open international centers worldwide in order to deliver high quality educational qualifications.

CCJP Education Services (CCJP-ES) was established to support institutes located in any region of the globe to achieve their full potential as well as to fulfil their goals by the provision of a multitude of high quality and internationally recognised qualifications and associated services. CCJP-ES seeks to collaborate with your academic or education institute in order to develop and deliver our world-renowned academic qualifications and assessments. 
At present, over 300 academics, professinals and industry specialists work in collaboration with CCJP-ES operations helping to ensure that the qualifications of CCJP-ES are able to accurately reflect the knowledge and skills of learners. Additionally, this large network of CCJP-ES is able to provide effective career pathways and further higher education to learners.

Another benefit provided by CCJP-ES is to help your institute formulate your own qualification and ensure that it is globally accepted by credit rating them against International Qualification Frameworks. Collaborating with CCJP-ES will greatly enhance your institute’s reputation while increasing your institute’s desirability among your nation’s education seekers. 
CCJP-ES possesses a number of academic quality frameworks, academic tools, organisational quality frameworks, consultation and management platforms, software platforms as well as other facilities that enable academic institutes and individuals to achieve enhanced development and global recognition. 
CCJP-ES aims to revolutionise the global academic society by providing a wide array of services to academic institutes and CCJP-ES is a key organisation that operates within the large network established by the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals. Several projects and plans have been established by CCJP-ES in order to fulfil the vision and mission of the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals. 

Contact CCJP-ES via info@ccjpglobal.org to receive support for academic institutes, academics and professionals.

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